Brownian Motion


The Preston single channel LCS is ideal for a simple 1 motor system.
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Our standard Preston V+F 1-way LCS kit includes:

- Single AXIS Preston F/I Unit

- Transceiver Module and Antenna

- DM2 Motor with 19mm Clamp and 15mm Reduction Ring.

- Transceiver Module Bar Clamp

- Epic and Arri Turnover Cables

- D-Tap RS Power Cables

- 2 x Motor Cables

- 4 x  Lithium Batteries and Dual Charger

- 6 x  Blank Focus Rings

- Neck Strap

With a Focus/Iris unit for control and the compact V+F MDR this is a small compact and reliable single axis system from Preston. The handset is ergonomically designed and will give approximately 8hrs of operation from a single FM-500H Li-Ion battery,

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