Brownian Motion


The RED DSMC2 DRAGON 6K S35 improves on its predecessor with a new heat management system as well as auto black shading.
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Our standard Camera Kit includes:

- RED DSMC2 DRAGON 6K S35 - (Includes Action Products HDSDI and power modules )

- DSMC Top Mount / Brownian Top Cheesplate / Brownian Sliding Top Handle / Brownian Focus Hook

- 7" Touch Screen LCD / Noga Arm & Nano Clamp

- Choice of Standard OLPF / Low Light OLPF / Skin Tone OLPF

- 4 x 512GB Mini Mag SSD Cards / SSD Case - 4 Pack / SSD Mini Mag Reader (USB3) / USB Power Cable /Firewire 800 Cable / USB 3 Cable

- Bomb EVF / Wooden Camera EVF Holder

- RED Quick Release Bridge Plate / 2 x DSMC Universal Mount / Bottom Snap Plate / 12" Sliding Baseplate

- 2 x 12” 19mm Bars / 2 x 18” 19mm Bars / 2 x 6” 19mm Bars

- Spare Battery Plate & Screws

- Triple Sync BNC Cable / 3 x Short EVF/LCD Cables

- RED Sidewinder (Multi Tool) / 2 x Allan Keys Torx Screw Driver / Pack RED Bolts

The Weapon represents the evolution of Red's DSMC system (Digital Stills and Motion Camera). Following on from its predecessor, the Epic it offers onboard Recode Raw recording in a modular, small and lightweight package (1.5KG). Improvements over the Epic camera include:

- Support for 1D and 3D LUTS in camera to independant monitor paths.

- On board simultaneous ProRes recording up to 4K (4096 x 2160) 29.97 fps and DNxHR HQX at 4K (4096 × 2160).

- Improved heat management / fan system with automated black shading.

- Quick change Interchangeable OLPF options.

- Built in Wifi for camera / colour control.

- Reduced compression / increased bit rate.


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